Role: User Research, Information Architecture, Visual design, User Testing, Illustration

Industry: Biotechnology

Duration: 12 weeks

LUXTURNA, is a break through genetic treatment for retinal dystrophy that was recently approved by the FDA. We designed a site that is both informative and engaging.

Research phase:

2 weeks

To ensure we where building the right product and align on business objectives we kicked off the project by conducting stakeholder interviews, creating anonymous doctor surveys, and revieweing click rates on the existing site.

Content Inventory

Key findings:

  1. User found navigating the site difficult and did not engage with the UI
  2. High traffic driving to the “About” but users where not engaging with the three CTAs on the page.
  3. High fall-off rate on order test kit page

User flow

By defining our user needs, map out the minimal number of steps to reach goal.

Create content hierarchy:

Create a user friendly Information Architecture that provides the information physicians need when evaluating treatment decisions.


3 weeks

Our design phase started with 2 days of brainstorming and sketch sessions and quickly iteratingn our ideas into wireframes.

A/B testing

We designed 2 options and tested the results. We performed users to perform as series of tasks and describe how they felt during the experience.


Final UI

UI for both desktop and mobile.