The Blank Wall Responsive Website

Role: User Research, Information Architecture, Visual design

Industry: Interior, Textile design

Duration: 4 weeks

Specializing in both soft home furnishing and custom surface design The Blank Wall needed a web presence that attracted partnerships with architects, interior designers, private clients and in house recruiters. The solve was to create a responsive website that was informative and highlighted the clients strengths

Define the problem by formulating a hypothesis:

The Blank Wall has a problem, they are not showcasing their talent and feel like they are not growing creatively and professionally. I believe creating a responsive, CMS powered website would be a cost effective way to target potential clients and drive business.

Next I needed to identify the key objectives to solve the problem:

  • Customizable taxonomy for portfolio
  • Identify target audience as being both recruiters and clients
  • Clearly communicate and inform users of marketable skillset
  • Differentiate web presence from competitors

To further understand who our target audience was I synthesized these findings into a persona named "Natalie".


  • Highly organized
  • Avid art collector
  • Likes to travel
  • Loves high-end fashion


  • On the look-out for new designers to partner with
  • Needs designers who can compliment her interiors and add value to her designs
  • Has a diverse client base and needs designers who understand materials and are able to work in multiple mediums


 Architect     53 years old


  • Corporate spaces, residential spaces, restaurants, theaters and outdoor civic spaces
  • At designs office but also spends a great deal of time of on-site reviewing materials, installations and permits

Competitive Analysis:

Is there a need?

Sketches/initial designs:

Start with rough sketches to begin the design process. Begin to brainstorm the UI, Content hierarchy and interactions.

Final UI

UI for both desktop and mobile.